Taken loans, credit cards or store cards before 2010? Check Now. You Could Be Due a PPI Refund 

Taken out a loan, credit card, store card or mortgage before 2010? 
Check NOW. You Could Be Due a PPI Refund 
If you took out loans, credit cards, store cards or a mortgage before 2010 then we can check for you to establish if the lender added PPI to your accounts and whether it may have been mis-sold. If so, you could be due a refund worth thousands of pounds! If PPI is not located on your accounts don't worry - we WON'T charge you. 
Banks Are Refunding MILLIONS Every Month 
PPI – or Payment Protection Insurance – was a product added to credit cards, loans, store cards and mortgages and was meant to protect your monthly payments if something happened to you that prevented you from working. The problem with PPI is that it has been found to have been widely mis-sold. It was sold to people who were ineligible to claim such as the self-employed, and it was also sold to people who didn’t want it, ask for it or need it. 
Our PPI CHECK Service Is Completely FREE 
Simply complete our enquiry form and we'll send you our free PPI check pack. To proceed with your free PPI check, simply return the completed forms to us in the pre-paid envelope. You can change your mind and cancel your free PPI check at anytime, without any cost to you whatsoever. 
If PPI is found on your loans, cards or mortgages then we will contact you to let you know. You can then ask us to claim back your PPI no win no fee* or you can complain against your lenders yourself. The choice is entirely yours! 

PPI was, in some cases, added to people’s loans or cards without their knowledge...  Many UK Money Solutions customers are taken aback when we obtain a refund for them 

Situated on Corporation Street in the heart of Birmingham, UK Money Solutions consists of a hard-working and friendly team who have been helping people reclaim mis-sold PPI for many years. Company Director Kevin Fielder has over 14 years experience in the Financial & Money Advice sector and Senior Operations Manager Richard Corke has many years experience managing teams and looking after customers. Our administrators and claims handlers work tirelessly to achieve successful outcomes for our 10,000's clients. We've reclaimed £millions in mis-sold PPI and we're ready to help you too. 
Unsure if you took PPI? 
ǂNo problem 
We can check for you completely free of charge 
Thrown your paperwork away? 
ǂNo problem 
Lenders have a legal obligation to disclose any PPI details they hold about you 
Already claimed? 
ǂNo problem 
You could be due further redress  
Had a claim rejected? 
ǂNo problem 
You may still be able to achieve success 
Paid off your loans or cards years ago? 
ǂNo problem 
Our free check may still uncover PPI 

Get your free PPI check today 

When you complete our enquiry form we’ll send you our free PPI check pack. You can cancel the free check without any cost to yourself whatsoever. If PPI is found, you can use us to claim it back or you can claim yourself - the choice is entirely yours! 
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